Masters in the art of Operations

The Challenge

The IT Operations challenge: with each major technology shift IT Operations juggles more complexity and more layers of legacy technologies than ever before. The difference in the rate of change between systems & technologies to be managed, skilled staff to manage them, and financial resources to maintain them, has created an IT resources gap. Failing to deliver on these challenges is not an option, because it will turn into a competitive disadvantage for the business.

One way of driving better productivity and efficiency is to automate key operations activities. Beyond speeding up activities and immediately freeing up the time of IT operations staff, automation has the added benefit of helping to minimise mistakes caused by human error. This in turn means fewer outages and less remedial work, with a corresponding reduction in the time and distraction associated with this.

By using automation, we can reduce the number of times people need to touch systems. This improvement in operator-to-server ratio reduces costs and allows operators to focus on higher value work.

Optimization of operations requires automation to a degree that is satisfactory for quick and controlled repetitive tasks. The steps to take in operations automation are:

  • Automate your daily tasks
  • Automate your system updates and upgrades
  • Automate your application deployments
  • Automate your monitoring
  • Automate your actions based on monitoring

The same is true for your DevOps environment, where you need controlled pipelines from your development to your operations. This entails:

  • Continuous Deployments
  • Continuous Integrations
  • Continuous Monitoring

In an environment where your applications are continuously changing.

Our Solution

Our Services

Service Integrators’ customers can count on our expertise and experience for the automation of their hybrid cloud operations. We help our customers reach their target service levels without the burden of mastering complex automation tools and the constant adjustment of these tools to an ever-changing environment. The services that we provide (on-site or remote) to assist our customers are:

  • Architecture
  • Solution build
  • Implementation service
  • Development and customizations
  • Hands-on assistance
  • Managed Operations